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Background Analysis of application source code Significantly reduces the cost of application development Accelerates future modifications, corrections and extensions Reveals security risks Brings into the system developer best practice Checks the quality of the vendor or individual developers
Background First-class education in IT based on practice Focus on practice Certified lectures Comfort classrooms Sharing experiences from IT projects IT project management Agile software development Programming basics
Custom software


We develop complex systems precisely suited for the customers. Our specialization is backend of the web applications, but we use our knowledge and experience also in education of programmers and code reviews of various information systems. Our goal is to push our clients, co-workers and students to the top of the technological world.

Custom made software

Techpike’s focus is development of extensive information systems for middle sized and big companies which really need their IT to be custom made for their exact needs. We create customer portals, business platforms and comprehensive applications to streamline internal processes.

Our competitive advantage is agile approach, thin analytical management layer and close cooperation with clients. This allows us to create software in effective way, that means on time, with minimal costs and according to real needs of customers which can change also during the development.

We develop primarily in these languages: PHP, JavaScript (React.JS, Node.JS), Python and C#. In case other technologies are needed, we will learn them or we will strengthen our team to match all your needs.

Code review: Analysis of application source code

Code review is one of the essentials in development process which distinctly simplifies future maintenance and further development of the application. It helps prevent instability of the system and it lowers security risks.

Despite all these undeniable advantages, still not many developers actually use code review. This causes increase in costs of applications’ development and further maintenance resulting into growing expenses throughout the whole life process of the application high above the initial plans.

Techpike offers help to developing companies which do not have set their own code review processes, and to companies that want to check the quality of software bought, or they need help with maintaining the software they already have.

IT education

Development of information systems requires qualified and enthusiastic programmers and project managers – a scarce resource on present market. That is why we want to share our knowledge and experiences and offer to everyone the possibility of realization in the lucrative field of information technologies.

Our trainings and seminars are based on practices of modern development company and their goals are to prepare the participants for real work of developers and project managers. We will share with you also theory but we do no dwell on it. Also to the best participants of our courses we offer permanent employment in our company.


Czech Transport: travel search engine (R&D)

Czech Transport: travel search engine (R&D)

Research and development of search engine for transport connections. The client is key player on the market with package travel services.

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Mobile operator CRM integration

Mobile operator CRM integration

Integration of CRM of one the most important mobile operator with systems of his key customers.

Realized in cooperation with Brunel CZ, s.r.o. E-commerce platform E-commerce platform

Development of new e-commerce platform and related support systems suited for the biggest distributor of toys on the internet.

Ongoing development

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CorporatePro: Tool for property management

Tool for property management

Creation of online tool for secure and easy management of properties and their renting – including invoicing, management of customers, contracts and technical state of the subjects. Developed for the company CorporatePro, lessor of properties in Prague and Central Bohemian Region.


EASYCORE: Backend framework for mobile apps

EASYCORE: Backend framework for mobile apps

Development of backend framework for mobile apps which consists of mobile users administration, monitoring of sales via mobile app, external payments integration, messaging, notifications administration and analytics modul.

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Workflow system for mobile operator

Workflow system for mobile operator

Development of internal workflow and approval system for a leader provider of telecommunication services in Europe.

Work with us

We work in friendly and open atmosphere in beautiful secession offices at Letná, Prague. We emphasize active sharing of knowledge and experiences within our team, and we give enough space to everyone for their professional and personal development. We do not force anyone to work overtime and we tolerate when it comes to time and place of work. We believe that if everyone will be happy, together in Techpike we will achieve great things.

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